Programme Management

Programme management is the process of managing several related projects or work-streams, often simultaneously to achieve business objectives driven by transformation, change or rollout.

As programme manager we typically have the oversight of the objectives and deliverables of each project or work-stream within the a programme enabling us to support project-level activity to ensure the programme goals are met by providing a decision-making capacity that cannot be achieved at project level. Often working as gatekeeper to ensure governance and budget control are adhered to, the programme manager provides assurance to the organisation, underpinned by consolidated reporting against the programme objectives.


In a programme there may be a need to identify and manage cross-project dependencies and the programme manager's oversight enables identification and insight of the risk, issues, requirements, design or solution to be able to usefully manage these.


The programme manager's role is discreet from that of a project manager whose job is to ensure that the project succeeds, whereas the programme manager is concerned with the aggregate outcomes of a collection of projects or sub-projects within a large project. 

With significant experience in managing programmes of property related projects across widespread geographies, we can offer a programme management solution to fit your requirement.